SLATERPAULL attends SCUP conference


Ara Massey, LEED AP BD+C
Sustainable Design Manager

I recently attended at the Society for College and University Planning 2013 Pacific Regional Conference on Place Making: Strategic Identity + Creation. The conference was informative and offered fresh insight with the sessions offered, a few of which I have highlighted below. 

Building Campus Identity and Vision Through Strategic Planning and Implementation: Presented by Susan Hippenstele, Professor/Strategic Planning Coordinator, Office of the Chancellor, University of Hawaii at Manoa. This session explored the interactive, stakeholder driven strategic development process used at UHM.  The University surveyed Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni to create the Strategic Plan which has 30 progress indicators to ensure the plan is realized.  Background documents such as the expiring plan, system level plan, accreditation reports and model plans from other institutions were useful in creating such a dynamic plan.  Integral to the process is also a Strategic Planning Coordinator, a Strategic Planning Committee and Implementation Working Groups. Learn more at:

Integrating Sustainability Across Sites and Programs: Creating a New Campus Presented by Esther L. Barazzone, President, Catham University and Sandra Mendler, Principal, Mithun, Inc. Barrazzone and Mendler presented a case study on the creation of a new campus for Catham University’s new Eden Hall Campus and School of Sustainability and the Environment which truly illustrates integration of sustainability in site master planning.  I was impressed to see the comprehensive approach taken to the balance of development and preservation of land which formerly served as a vacation retreat for the working women of the Hinez Tomato Ketchup Company.  The majority of the planned buildings have any EUI of around 20 and considerations such as preservation of arable soils through peri-urban farming and onsite wastewater treatment are taken; paying homage to a 1929 graduate of Catham, Rachel Carson, the esteemed environmentalist.  Learn more at:

The Great Green Place Sustainable Placemaking Through Context-Sensitive Urban Design Presented by Richard A. Cummings, Principal Planner, Physical Planning, Design & Construction, University of California-Merced and Thomas E. Lollini, Associate Vice Chancellor & Campus Architect, Physical Planning, Design & Construction, University of California-Merced.  This session presented some of the challenges and opportunities in place making for UC Merced which is the UC system’s youngest campus.   The campus design sought to provide social, economic and environmental integration through such notable strategies as Wi-Fi and plug ins at outdoor congregation areas as well as an app that lets them crowd source temperature control which then informs the building automation system.  Learn more at:

Location-Dependent Academic Planning: Challenges Implementing Off-Campus Academic Programs

Presented by Glen T. Winans, Assistant Dean/Chief of Staff, University of California-Santa Cruz.  In this session a case study was presented on the creation of an off-campus graduate degree program in Silicon Valley for the Baskin School of Engineering at University of California-Santa Cruz.  Some of the issues that came up in master planning for this new campus extension were overcoming the perception of a new campus taking resources from an existing one and the nuances of creating a graduate degree program for working professionals.  Key to the success of the new campus has been faculty involvement in the community and market partnerships: the comparison was made that medical students learn best in clinical environments, it stands to reason that tech engineers learn best in the heart of tech, Silicon Valley.  Pedagogy at its best, I say.  Learn more at: