CONSTRUCT 2013 - CSI National Conference - Day 1


Matthew Porta, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

The 2013 National CSI Conference kicked off on Tuesday, September 24th at the brand new Music City Center in Nashville.  Day One had a full slate of educational sessions.  All the sessions I attended were well done and full of great information.  Here is an executive summary of my day.  If you want to follow to live on Twitter, follow #CONSTRUCT.

Session 1:  Assurance and Control;  Specifying the Quality Loop - John Guill  - @SpecmonkeyNorth

  • Quality Assurance is the work we do in design, with our drawings and specificaitons to define quality during construction.
  • Quality Control is the procedures of evaluating and verifing quality during fabrication and construction. 
  • Quality Assurance provides advance opportunities to assure quality will be provided.
  •  Concurrent Quality Process:  The “Quality Loop” - Quality Control for each step in the construction process serves as quality assurance for the next step.
  • Quality Assurance Procedures are a Team Effort.  Procedures are not the sole responsibility of any single participant, but are a continuing and concurrent series of acts and events by all participants directed toward the goal of achieving project quality.

Session 2:  Specifications:  Quality Control and Coordination - Michael D. Chambers

  • What specifications are:  Products, processes, and procedures.
  • What specifications are not:  Scope of work descriptions, Bid organization.
  • Drawings show quantities, location, layout, relationships and dimensions .
  • Specifications control procedures:  Stay in control of the review and approval processes that affect the design concept .
  • It is always about SOLUTIONS ... NEVER about products.
  •  Questions are the most effective QA/QC tool.  We must ask more & better questions!  We are assuming too much.

Session 3:  Managing Up:  How to Develop an Effective Relationship Between Employee and Boss - Norb Slowikowski

  • Employees can control situations, but cannot control your boss.
  • Establish credibility; let your boss know what your strengths are.
  • Develop positive relationships with everyone you work with.
  • When you start to work with someone, establish clear expectations.
  • How to be effective?  Always do the right thing.  If you don’t know what the right thing is, ask.
  • How to be efficient?  Do it right the first time, no rework. 
  • Conflict is going to happen, don’t run away from it, deal with it.

Session 4:  The Cloud and Connected BIM Process - Karl Heitman, Jenny Davis and Josh Myers

  • BIM leveraged over cloud based computing is going to a technical paradigm shift in how buildings are designed and constructed.
  • Data is not geographically constrained and is available real time.
  • The future is here, it just isn’t what we thought it would be. 
  • Construction Specifiers Enter Data Once.  Leverage web services to use the data during the project Lifecycle.   
  • Augmented Reality <AR> will change how design is presented and how construction is coordinated. 

Full day of sessions with more great things to come.