CONSTRUCT 2013 - CSI National Conference - Day 2


Matthew Porta, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Day 2 of the 2013 National CSI Conference kicked off early on Wednesday morning with an education session, followed by the General Session and Keynote Speaker, the opening of the Exhibition Hall, closing with a final education session.  Again, another great day of education and building relationships.  Here is an executive summary of my day.  As always, if you want to follow to live on Twitter, follow #CONSTRUCT.

Session 5:  Contracting for Sustainable Design:  An Overview of the AIA Sustainable Design Documents - Frederick Butters, FAIA


  • First, I want to thank Frederick for a very engaging and entertaining presentation first thing in the morning.
  • The AIA B101 - 2007 SP is the Owner/Architect contract for Sustainable Projects 
  • It is very similar to the standard contract, however has a few key changes in language that have huge implications.
  • Under the Sustainability Documents, the Sustainability Services are treated as Basic Services, and no additional compensation is due to the Architect of completing them.
  • Risk is negotiating a fee before the scope of design services are known.
  • There is a lot of requirements within the contract that architect is responsible for, but are not easy to quantify, i.e. "improving employee productivity."
  • The push to “sustainable deisgn” is merely a return to “good design”.
  • It was never acceptable for an Architect to turn his or her back on the energy impacts or life cycle costs of his or her projects.


    General Session and Keynote Address

    Like last year, the General Session kicked off with a wonderful performance by a local artist.  This year we all got the pleasure of hearing and learning how to yodel from Taylor Ware.

    The keynote was wonderfully engaging, interesting and entertaining.  Ira Blumenthal reminded us that Times are a Changin.   

    • Change isn’t good.  Change isn’t bad.  Change just is.
    • Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.
    • Paradigm Paralysis or Paradigm Pioneering
    • Most people in organizations change because they’re forced to change.  Why must we always buy a smoke detector after a fire?
    • God did not invent the drive through, someone else did.  What is your next big idea?
    • Life begins outside your comfort zone.

    Session 6:  Managing Up:  How to Develop an Effective Relationship Between Employee and Boss - Norb Slowikowski

    • Employees can control situations, but cannot control your boss.
    • Establish credibility; let your boss know what your strengths are.
    • Develop positive relationships with everyone you work with.
    • When you start to work with someone, establish clear expectations.
    • How to be effective?  Always do the right thing.  If you don’t know what the right thing is, ask.
    • How to be efficient?  Do it right the first time, no rework. 
    • Conflict is going to happen, don’t run away from it, deal with it.

    Session 7:  Strategies for Repairing Failed Floor Finishes - Emily Hopps, P.E. and Peter Nelson, P.E.,  both with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.  


    • Reasons for Increase in Flooring Failures:

      • Changes of materials 
      • Blended cement (fly ash) 
      • Normal Weight vs Lightweight Concrete
      • Fast Track Construction



    • What can we do?

      • Change concrete mix design.
      • Use a Vapor Retarder immediately below the concrete slab, heavy duty 15 mil product.
      • Avoid blotter layers.  
      • Consider the concrete curing method.   Recommend using moisture-retaining covers.



    Looking forward to tomorrow.