CONSTRUCT 2013 - CSI National Conference Day 3 & 4


Matthew Porta, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Day 3 of the 2013 National CSI Conference kicked off early on Thursday morning with an education session, followed by a good block of time to visit the Exhibition Hall, closing with an education session.  Friday, Day 4, marked the conclusion of the conference.  There was one final educational session in the morning followed by a trip to the airport and a flight home.  I want to thank the CSI staff and CSI Nashville for another great conference.  I look forward to seeing everyone next year in Baltimore.  

Read on for an executive summary of the sessions I attended.

Session 8:  Best Practices for Building Enclosures [BEBP], W. Blake Talbott, NCARB, CSI, ASTM, NIBS, BETEC

  • The architect is responsible for product installation process or sequence and the contractor is responsible for means and methods.
  • BEBP No. 1 – Verify Design with building science and technology.
  • BEBP No. 2 – Implement a rigid QA/QC process.
  • BEBP No. 3 – Interface with Civil and Landscaping Consultants
  • BEBP No. 4 – Keep in Simple
  • BEBP No. 5 – Perfect Wall, Roof and Slab Concept -
  • BEBP No.6 – One weather resistant barrier system:  Air, Moisture, and Vapor
  • BEBP No. 7 – One continuous thermal barrier
  • BEBP No. 8 – Belt and Suspenders
  • BEBP No. 9 - Missed it, but I am sure it was good.
  • BEBP No. 10 – Minimize Exposed Sealants
  • BEBP No. 11 – Minimize Stack Effect

Session 9: Skin and Bones:  Breaking Façade Design Down to its Essence - Chris O’Hara – Studio NYL

I want to compliment Chris for giving one of the best presentations of the conference.  He combined great stories, with great images of inspiring projects, with clear details on how it all came together. 

  • Beyond unitized systems are mega panels systems.  Megapanels are made off site, taken off the truck, and installed to the super structure.
  • Using glass handrail parts from a company like C.L. Lawrence allows for glass to span further by changing the bending moment curve.
  • SSG – Structural Silicone Glazing – Silicone only wants to bond to two surfaces.  Surfaces should be orthogonal to each other.  
  • Eliminating thermal bridges through the use of SSG provides opportunities for gains in the U-value of the window system.

Session 10:  Accessibility thru Universal Design, Ramesh Gulatee, Architect - LifeCare Design Studio

  • ADA addresses issued faced by 16% of Americans.
  • UD – universal design applies to the broadest spectrum possible, irrespective of age and abilities.
  • The iphone with Siri now allows visually impaired people utilize the full capabilities of portable computing… Universal Design.
  • The will hardly be an American that won’t have accessibility issues at some point in their lifetime.  Anyone can break a leg…

See you next year in Baltimore.