Green Challenge 2014

SLATERPAULL kicked off the 7th Annual Personal Green Challenge on March 17, 2013.  This event runs from St. Patrick’s Day to Earth Day and we challenge our staff, friends and family to reduce their ecological footprint by changing at least one personal habit for 5 weeks.  The goal is to minimize the impact on earth’s natural resources and hopefully change the habit permanently. 

In an effort to encourage people to tackle a more difficult challenge, we provided a game show style spin-the-wheel with a variety of personal challenges and prizes. Many people have committed to a vegetarian or vegan diet, or eliminating packaged foods.  Other favorite challenges included reducing water consumption through limited 3-4 minute showers, reducing gas consumption by consolidating errands to one trip a week and taking public transportation.  Others are taking an overall approach and committing to reducing their carbon footprint by 40% over the next five weeks.  We will report our successes to these lifestyle changes as we close the event on Earth Day, April 22nd.

We are using the You Sustain personal sustainability website to track our individual CO2 emissions reductions and add up the total impact for the firm.  

Here are Steps to join the online challenge:

. Visit:  

2. Click the blue "Join this challenge" button

3. If this is your first visit, click the blue "Sign up" button, or if returning, log in

4. You will be taken back to the challenge page and enrolled

5. You can now fill our your sustainability profile and any impact you have will contribute to the SLATERPAULL Architects 2014 Green Challenge total impact.

6. Check back regularly to see your impact, update and restart challenge pledges, and get new ideas to start new actions.

A few hints:

  • “Actions” are typically larger and long-term things people may already do, or can pledge to start doing, that have a calculated impact.
  • “Challenges” are typically goals/pledges set up by other members.  They normally have a set duration and impact. Feel free to join challenges or make your own. 
  • Both of these contribute to your profile and will contribute to the community challenge
  • Under the “Calculate” Tab you can determine the impact of actions with the action calculator, use the carbon footprint calculator or the home energy tracker.