New PK-12 School in Elbert

On Saturday, August 16th, we were able to celebrate the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the new PK-12 school in Elbert Colorado.  The day marked the fruition of a dream that began for the Elbert community in 2010.  Upon the passing of a District wide bond in 2012, on their third attempt, the SLATERPAULL design team along with RLH Engineering, Elbert’s owners representative and FCI Constructors, the design of the school began.


After the completion of a 14 hour day touring schools throughout Colorado, the Elbert Design Advisory Group articulated their vision and goal for their school to be the center of the community, where all of the community spaces visually and physically were connected to each other.  The results of this vision was a unique design of a three story school, with a top-down walk out gymnasium on the lower level, the main entry at the second level and the school and public library on the third.


There was a great turnout by the community today and a great deal of excitement among all in attendance.  It is days like today that remind us why we do what we do every day.  Congratulations to the Elbert community, it was a pleasure and honor to be your architect.