Adele Willson Named as Denver Business Journal Power Book Nominee

SLATERPAULL principal, Adele Willson, AIA, LEED AP, was honored as one of the Denver Business Journal Power Book nominees in the architecture category.  

"Adele Willson continues to lead the charge for sustainable-designed schools. Alta Vista Charter School in Lamar earned a “Verified Leader” certification — the first in the state — from the Collaborative for High Performance Schools as a “healthy, high-performance, green school.” The Slaterpaull-designed Engine House No. 5 in November earned a Citation Award for Interior Architecture from the American Institute of Architects.

What do you see as the next trend in interior office space designs?

“The design of the 21st-century work environment includes flexibility and layouts that promote more interaction and connection between team members.

The space designs involve more movable furniture and the use of technology to promote collaboration and interaction. There continues to be research that supports the benefit of natural light and the visual connection outside as important features of the work environment." Read more. 

SLATERPAULL Featured in Denver Post Article

Business is back for architecture, but the recession changed the game

By Ray Mark Rinaldi
The Denver Post

"Looking around Denver these days, it's easy to see how the Great Recession changed the building environment. The forest of cranes that dominated the downtown skyline just a few years ago  — as  the state courts building, the Four Seasons hotel and  the Colorado history museum   were going up —  now looks more like a  few trees.

It's not all a sad story. Business is so strong now that Anderson's firm just added four new workers. Klipp  brought back everyone it furloughed and  bumped up  seven employees this month. Slaterpaull is anticipating a 20 percent growth in revenues this year." Read more. 

SLATERPAULL Employees' Viewfinder Project Featured in Denver Post

The Colorado AIA is also behind two art installations going up on the 16th Street Mall, one at Arapahoe Street and the other at Larimer Street. The works are free-standing sculptures, about 8 feet tall, intended "to provide focus on interesting things in downtown Denver" that people would normally overlook, as Christopher Herr, of the firm  Studio H:T puts it.

Studio H:T lead the design team for one piece,  and Slaterpaull Architects oversaw the other. Each sculpture is perforated with holes to guide your eye to interesting art and architectural details in the neighborhood. Read more.

Denver architectural firm SlaterPaull a pioneer in green design

By John Mossman
The Denver Post

For SlaterPaull Architects Inc., it's easy being green. The Denver firm, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, has been a front-runner in green design since the mid-1990s, and its headquarters reflects that corporate blueprint.

SlaterPaull occupies a former LoDo fire station — Engine House No. 5 — at 19th and Market streets. The 13,000-square-foot fire station was built in 1922.

Read more: Denver architectural firm SlaterPaull a pioneer in green design - The Denver Post 

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by Jennifer Cordes, AIA, LEED-AP
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While change can be challenging, it also brings with it an opportunity for advancement and an air of excitement. With many alternatives for expansion — whether it's a new building, addition, renovation, or combination — it's best to examine all options on case-by-case basis. While the examination and evaluation process may be a constant, each college campus has unique characteristics that will factor into its decision-making process. Read article >