Design is a journey and partnership that we engage with our clients.  We work hard to create a collaborative process that is transformational, enjoyable and educational for everyone involved …… from the conception to the realization of the built environments we produce.  Every project is initiated by customizing the design process for the specific project vision and goals.  Steady dialogue is the backbone throughout the entire progression, bringing out the best ideas and clearest communications along the way.  Our company mission statement, “Design for a sustainable future” is the rudder that steers our design voyage.  With every design opportunity we employ the following sequential steps in our process to translate ideas into remarkable architecture:



The nature of architecture has become complex.  It requires ever more vigilance on our part to stay up to date with the latest design ideas and trends.   We are constantly researching the issues that affect our clients – the ones that keep them up at night.  Fortified with this steady input of knowledge we come well-equipped to meet the challenges of creating thoughtful environments for our clients.


Clients tell us stories that lead to a unique building design approach.  This is the most exciting part of the project – hearing the dreams and imagining the possibilities.   We immerse ourselves in understanding the basics of the project – the people, the location, the uses –  all of the aspects that make the project unique.  We keep an open mind and absorb the content that will inform an ideal design solution.


Investigating the project goals, site opportunities, and budget constraints follows next.  In regular dialogue with our clients we prioritize the project aspirations into a building “Program.”  This is a list of the qualities, quantities and hierarchy of the building spaces.  We align the building functions and the artistic character with the available funds and the project schedule. Design requires an interdisciplinary collaboration of clients, designers, building users and constructors.  We orchestrate these conversations to distill all of the essential information.  In this way we can leverage good ideas into great ones.


We establish a design concept which translates the building program into an architectural vision that is evocative of the mission of the building and its locale.  This vital idea becomes the fundamental creative touchstone for the project.  Elements of sustainable design, like energy use, air quality, local materials and building flexibility, are integrated into the DNA of this early expression of the architecture solution. 


In this step we translate the design concept into 3-dimensional form.  The building is integrated with its site.  Spaces are arranged horizontally and vertically. The building evolves with a stylistic, architectural expression. Through a series of ever-evolving refinements, the design concept is instilled into every facet of the building, resulting in an articulate architecture.  


We translate architectural design intentions into detailed 2D drawings, 3D visualizations and written descriptions.  We utilize the most advanced computer design software as well as actual material selections to explore and record building systems.  These design documents are crafted to be easily translated into constructible components.  We know that thorough documents make for stronger cost estimates, a more competitive bidding process and timely construction schedule.  


During the construction phase of the project we ensure that the architectural design intentions are understood, respected and well executed.  Our regular presence on-site during the construction phase helps expedite the project schedule, assists the contractor with answers to their design questions and continues to encourage dialogue with the user groups.   


Our work isn’t done when the construction ends.  We remain available to the clients and building users to help them acclimate to their new facilities, so they can maximize the potential of the spaces, understand how the building works and minimize its impact on the environment.


Architecture is grounded in the past but looks towards the future.  Our design processes include continual education about advances in society, business, and technology, all tempered by lessons from history.  We constantly seek knowledge to improve our design services. This keeps us nimble, ready to approach every new architecture opportunity.