We Design for a Sustainable Future through innovation, creative designs, technical strength, collaboration and financial responsibility. 

Our commitment to sustainable design includes having our own in-house Sustainability Design Manager as a resource for all of our projects. We have our own Sustainable Strategic Plan and minimal sustainable goals for all projects.

We believe that sustainable design and environmental responsibility, demonstrated in our Sustainability Design Strategic Plan (left), begins on a personal level and we strive to reduce our impact on the planet every day.  In addition to our high performance office building, we provide our staff with RTD Eco Passes and allow our employees to utilize our corporate hybrid vehicle to reduce our carbon footprint.  We also host an annual Green Challenge, from St. Patrick’s Day thru Earth Day, which encourages each of us to reduce our impact on our planet and encourage others to do the same!

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At Hord Coplan Macht, sustainable design embodies our core mission to build communities that enrich and enhance quality of life and the surrounding environment. We achieve this through a rich collaborative process where clients and designers work together to envision a better world.

More than just being “green,” we believe sustainable design is systems thinking – design that integrates all aspects of building, landscape and community into a unified whole and strikes a balance between the human and natural ecosystems