Denver, CO (March 6, 2013) - SLATERPAULL Architects announces that a team of seven employees was recently selected by the American Association of Architects (AIA) Colorado as the winner of the AIA Colorado Viewfinder Competition.  

The PeeP Viewfinder team is comprised of Travis Bostic, Shooka Sarafi, Christine Teichart, Dorothy Ma, Ryan Adragna, Talia Rubin, and Ara Massey from SLATERPAULL Architects, along with associates from Spectrum General Contractors and KL&A Engineers. 

The competition was established by AIA Colorado in preparation for the 2013 AIA Nation Convention and Design Exposition being held in Denver this June. The winning design by the SLATERPAULL team, entitled PeeP Viewfinder, will be officially unveiled in Downtown Denver on June 14 at 16th and Larimer and will be showcased at the 2013 AIA National Convention and Design Convention beginning on June 20, allowing for architects and designers from all over the nation to view and appreciate the piece firsthand. It will be completely powered by solar energy.

“We believe that the installation of the PeeP Viewfinder will inspire both young and old to experience Denver in an interactive and unconventional manner, and gain a new understanding of Colorado architecture, history and heritage,” says Travis Bostic, LEED AP, BD+C, associate, SLATERPAULL Architects.

Among the requirements of the competition, the sculptural projects were to be modeled after a viewfinder, and were to help the public understand and have an appreciation for the architectural creations that surround them in downtown Denver. The project entry developed by the SLATERPAULL team includes “an experiential installation in the heart of Downtown Denver. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the installation, learn about Colorado History through imagery, and experience Downtown Denver in a new light.” 

The PeeP Viewfinder will incorporate a variety of “drawers”, encouraging interaction, problem solving, and playfulness. A sampling of these interactive drawers include the “Photo Box”, which features historic photographs of Denver monuments and buildings which will replicate ones current surroundings with its historic version from decades ago, thus showing architectural progress in the Denver skyline. The “Pinhole Viewport” will be used to highlight an architectural detail easily missed in the downtown skyline or 16th Street mall, while the “Material Box” will display local materials and their relationship to Colorado. The PeeP Viewfinder installation will be powered by solar energy and will be constructed of sheet metal with acrylic transparent “drawers” allowing light to emit at night from a small panel. 


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Contact: Aimee Miller, Aimee Miller Marketing & Communications

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