PCL/SLATERPAULL Tapped for Denver Public Schools' 1860 Lincoln Project

Denver, CO (August 13, 2013) - The design-build team of PCL/SLATERPAULL announces that it was selected by Denver Public Schools (DPS) for the $31.4M 1860 Lincoln project, which includes the renovation of an existing Denver office building for a major shared campus, which includes educational facilities for the new Downtown Denver Expeditionary School (DDES, a K-5 program), Emily Griffith High School, Emily Griffith Technical College and administrative offices for over 1,000 DPS employees.

Interior demolition of the 1962 building is nearly complete, with a large-scale building renovation effort taking place to salvage and re-use materials from the existing 415,000-square-foot building. Nearly 35,000 cubic feet of metal and over 86,000 square feet of carpet tile been diverted from the landfill and repurposed, reused, recycled and/or donated to date to Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Castle Rock Library and around DPS.  Over 80,000 square feet of ceiling tiles will be recycled into new tiles for the completed building.

The current plan for the building, which includes thirteen floors plus a mezzanine level and two levels of underground parking, calls for the creation of a vertical campus to house DDES, Emily Griffith High School, Emily Griffith Technical College and DPS administrative services.

Emily Griffith will relocate several programs that are currently offered at the Welton Street location, including: Emily Griffith High School; business and technology programs (accounting, computer sciences and GIS); design industries programs (culinary arts, fashion design, and cosmetology and barbering); health sciences programs (dental, medical, and pharmaceutical assistants); distance learning lab and student services.

The space planned for the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School, a K-5 charter school, will include 17 classrooms, breakout spaces, library, administration area and multi-purpose space and will serve 400 to 450 students.

The Denver Public Schools Administration office will allow most administration services to function out of one central location housing academic support services, administrative support services and a Board of Education meeting space. 

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