SLATERPAULL Architects: Engine House No.5 Energy Case Study

We are committed to having an in-house Sustainable Design Manager as a service to our clients and to improve our culture of the integration of sustainability into everything that we do. We lead our clients through Sustainable Design charettes to establish overall project goals even if certification is not a goal. We also provide LEED and CHPS certification documentation services and have successfully gotten many of our projects certified, including our own office building being LEED platinum. (See the Sustainable attributes of our own office building in the case study to the left)

SLATERPAULL Architects: Engine House No. 5 Energy Tracking Report 

Additionally, we provide energy tracking on our projects after completion. This energy tracking gives us a better understanding of the efficiency of our designs while providing our clients information for better energy management. See Energy Tracking Report on our own office, Engine House No.5 (left) 

Slaterpaull Architects: University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Academic Office Building Sustainability Design Review

We perform in-house conceptual energy modeling to provide data driven design. See a case study of how this early analysis impacted our design of an academic office building. (left)